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Ford FE 332 - 428 Big Block Fel-Pro Performance Oil Pan Gasket # 1817

by fel-pro
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Oil Pan Gasket, One-Piece, Rubber Coated Fiber, Ford, 332-428, Big Block FE, Each

Gasket Material:

Rubber coated fiber

One-Piece Gasket:



Sold as a kit.

Fel-Pro Performance Oil Pan Gaskets

Fel-Pro Performance oil pan gaskets offer three types of construction. Some are made from Felcoid/Plus, a special fiber core with a latex rubber coating. For applications where a tougher seal is needed, they have solid steel core gaskets wrapped with rubber-coated fiber facing material. And for newer engines, there are one-piece molded silicone-rubber gaskets specifically designed to handle their special needs. Some of these gaskets have a solid steel core, while others have a rigid carrier-type design. Fel-Pro oil pan gaskets come with an anti-stick treatment for easy removal. Order the replacements recommended for your year/make and engine family.